TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’ Guide, A must for your trip

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) present to you—TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’ Guide that includes restaurants, prayer spaces, ways to ease your troubles during your stay and more. It provides information for Muslim travellers to enjoy your Tokyo trip in English and Japanese.

The guide shows many restaurants, accommodation and shops that accommodate Muslims, and they can enjoy Japanese traditional culture, food. Each facility has icons indicating the availability of Muslim staff, dining arrangements, availability of prayer facilities, etc.

From the left: English ver. and Japanese ver.

The guide compromises practical information with maps and train routes needed during your trips, such as hospitals with English-speaking staff and helpful dialogue sheets.
It might be handy when planning your Tokyo trip as it can be downloaded in PDF.

The TOKYO MUSLIM Traveler’s Guide has all the essentials a Muslim traveller needs to know. For those travelling to Tokyo, be sure to grab it.

東京ムスリム旅行者ガイド: JAPANESE

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