Halal-Supported, UNO HOTEL To Open in Okayama in July

UNO HOTEL opens in July just in front of Uno Station, with easy access to the islands of the Seto Inland Sea.
The hotel’s restaurant—also caters to halal requests—offers dishes utilizing the freshest ingredients.

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UNO HOTEL is the first hotel directly managed by Unokotochi.
UNO HOTEL is a unique lifestyle hotel combining casual and luxury, with easy access to islands such as Naoshima (known as a mecca for contemporary art).

The rooms have a serene design with touches of Japanese elegance. There are 56 rooms in total, including cabin-type separate single rooms and “Premium Deluxe-NAGURI” (rooms with flooring of ancient Japanese processing technique “Naguri”).

It offers a wide range of dishes using the best ingredients from the Seto Inland Sea. Also, it can cater for Halal, Vegetarian, and Vegan requirements.

◆About Hotel
1-1-12 Chikko, Tamano, Okayama 706-0002
1min. walk from JR Uno Minato Line (=Uno Line) “Uno Station”
3min. walk from Uni Port Ferry Terminal

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