Halal Skincare: Tokyo Organic, A word with Zunita

TOKYO ORGANIC—a well-loved organic skincare brand for only using selected ingredients. We sat down with Zunita Ramli, the founder of Tokyo Organic, to hear more about this Japan-made brand.


TOKYO ORGANIC is a brand founded by Zunita in 2017 that mainly focuses on basic beauty care essentials. It’s a fast-growing brand committed to natural ingredients-affordable prices, winning the hearts of Malaysian women.
Its main feature is the use of selected botanical ingredients. Of course, the range is halal compliant; Muslims can use them at ease.
Made in Japan (where it is known for its reliable production of high-quality products), they are now mostly available in Malaysia.

Quest for The Ideal Cosmetics

“If you believe in yourself, anything can be achieved” is Zunita’s motto. And it is from this spirit that the TOKYO ORGANIC brand was born!

Japanese skincare are of high quality and relatively affordable, so Zunita has long been a fan of them since her days in Malaysia. Regardless of the manufacturing country, most products tend to include parabens and other chemical compounds.

As we use them directly on our skin daily, Zunita wanted to use products that are as natural and healthy for the skin as possible. She thoroughly studied the ingredients used in various commercial skincare products. Yet, organic products of high quality are often expensive. In the end, finding ones that were both affordable and with good-to-the-skin ingredients didn’t prevail.

“If there’s none out there, make it yourself.”

Zunita set out to create her own ideal skincare products. Despite the opposition, she left her previous job in Malaysia and came to Japan to make high-quality products.
She began extensive research on ingredients, drew up a plan of the kind of product she hoped to create. She shortlisted factories, meeting each one meticulously to find the company that could bring her vision to life.

Overcoming a variety of phases, TOKYO ORGANIC was born in 2017.
Since its founding, the brand is devoted to offering products made with natural, plant-based selected ingredients at a high-quality facility in Japan.

To Be of Help to Others

Zunita founded TOKYO ORGANIC in hopes of helping more people to achieve healthier skin. She has made contributions to various organizations over the years include the setting up of the Kagawa Mosque.
Voices of her customers claiming their skin problem improved, helping TOKYO ORGANIC agents to gain a stable income to support their families…These became her motivation to keep working.

Zunita also uses social media to share what she learnt from Japan, such as culture and work ethic. Identifying with Malaysia’s ‘Look East Policy’, she wishes to help Malaysia continue to grow by conveying Japan’s virtues to her fellow Malaysians.

For Zunita, it must be the joy of helping others that drives her.

Envisioning the Future

Zunita’s goal is to expand TOKYO ORGANIC’s market. With its advancement, more women across borders can enjoy healthy skin and gain more confidence.

Zunita is a talented and inspiring individual with a beautiful and passionate heart. Just like us, many for sure, couldn’t wait to see more from her in years to come.

J-Line-operator of Salam Groovy Japan-will distributes TOKYO ORGANIC’s products in Japan soon. Hopefully, we could be part of bringing her future vision to life.

Salam Groovy Japan is delighted to be working together with Zunita on various projects, starting with the upcoming Japan release of “TOKYO ORGANIC”.




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