Japan speeds up to adopt flying taxi with fair $1.25 per km

Japanese aviation giant ANA Holdings has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with US start-up Joby Aviation. They aim to co-explore new flight operations in Japan using the electronic air mobility eVTOL.

Toyota Motor Corporation also joined the MOU, setting out the possible cooperation in ground transportation.

ANA x Joby (Image Source: Joby Aviation)

According to Bloomberg, “the first flying ride-sharing service in Japan will be introduced through the partnership”, under the headline “Japan to Introduce Flying Taxis”.

Joby said that its eVTOL could connect Kansai Airport to Osaka Station in just 14 minutes, rather than the 55 minutes you would usually take by car.

Kansai Airport-Osaka Station Flight Map (Image Source: Joby Aviation)

The eVTOL developed by Joby is an electric, low-noise, zero-emission, five-seater version with a maximum travelling range of over 150 miles (270 km) and a max. 200 mph (320 km/h) speed. It is designed to provide a new, convenient and comfortable travel experience in urban areas.

Target Pricing of $1.25 per km – Wisk Aero 

There have been other attempts to launch a flying taxi service in Japan.

A start-up financed by the US-based Boeing, Wisk Aero, also announced plans to launch an electronic self-driving flying taxi service in Japan.

Users can book the service via an app and fly between airports and buildings with helicopter take-off/landing facilities, such as the rooftops. Wisk expects the average ride to last 10-25 minutes, with a travelling range of 40-100 km. The targeted fare is $1.25 (about JPY 140) per km, which “…will be cheaper per distance than Uber, the car ride-sharing company”, said the company.

By the time the COVID-19 pandemic is over, with more Muslim tourists arriving in Japan than ever before, the flying taxis may be there to support your journey in comfort.

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