Ultimate gaming paradise at e-ZONe Hotel in Osaka

Hello! I’m Iman, Salam Groovy Japan’s Malaysian staff.
Welcome to “e-ZONe~電脳空間 (dennou kuukan)~”! It means “e-ZONe~cyberspace~”, a new hotel in the heart of Osaka where you can play games while staying the night.
It’s just near the otaku street “Ota Road”. Let’s take a look!

The hotel is a capsule-style hotel (4F-6F, 8F) with shared bathroom and baggage lockers.
・4F-6F Men’s Only Floor
・8F   Women’s Only Floor

But, the Women’s Only Cabin has a little surprise…BALCONY!
You can chill with your friends & see Tsuutenkaku (Osaka’s famous tower)✨

For more privacy, 7F is perfect for you.
7F is a floor limited for private rooms. There are 2 or 4-people bedrooms, complete with gaming setups and private bathroom in each. Also, there’s a small refrigerator and water boiler.
So, you can play freely without being wary of others. I tested out the twin bedrooms.
It was cosy with enough space for me to pray😊
*this is not a designated prayer space, the hotel doesn’t have an exclusive prayer space

◾Gaming Floor ( 1F-3F )
It is decked out with over 70 high-end PCs, with pre-installed STEAM.
There’s Discord as well, so you can easily chat with your fellow gamers (lol)
You can borrow gaming peripherals: headphones, webcams, Nintendo game controllers and more, for free (may ask the staff).
LIVESTREAMING is welcome here!

The display was clear, vibrant with superb picture quality. The chair was comfortable—I could play all day long in bliss🕹️
Plus, 3F has a microwave, food and drinks vending machines.
*For Muslims, please check the ingredients of foods & drinks upon purchase

2F Gaming Floor

You can use the accommodation and gaming service separately.
Basic fee to use PC is JPY250/hour (accommodation fee not included).

Standard capsule cabins are from JPY1000 per night while more premium rooms cost up to JPY8000 per night.
*room prices may vary, so please check the official site or other booking sites

The interiors are cool! This place will surely satisfy your gamer heart (lol)
If you’re a game enthusiast, do visit!

esports hotel e-ZONe~電脳空間~
4 Chome−9−7 Nipponbashi, Naniwa Ward, Osaka 556-0005
*they are taking measures for Covid-19 such as disinfectant & measuring customer’s temperatures.

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