Halal udon now at KIX, Perfect with a rich dashi soup

A new restaurant serving HALAL compliant meals opened at Kansai International Airport on 1 October.
Opening during the renovation of the domestic flight area, you can find this Homemade Udon KINEYA MUGIMARU branch, operated by Gourmet Kineya Restaurant, on the 2nd floor of Kansai International Airport (KIX).

The noodles are made in-store from flour produced in Mie Prefecture, freshly prepared and boiled. It is sold in a self-serve format.
The noodles have a thick, soft and chewy texture that are totally satisfying. They match well with the dashi (Japanese soup stock) filled soup base, which we also recommend to foreigners.
Try adding grated ginger on top of the udon to enhance the flavour of the soup!

For people with food restrictions, each menu has a pictogram of the 14 ingredients used. Plus, there is a logo at the bottom right of the menu stating ‘All Our Food is Halal’, so that even Muslims can enjoy the food at ease.

As a topping for udon, you can choose and take directly from a variety of freshly fried tempuras.

Floor map: (11) is the KINEYA MUGIMARU

Opening hours: 7am – 10pm, Non-smoking area

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