Guide to Muslim friendly restaurants by Ikeda City

Osaka’s Ikeda City Tourist Association launched the “Ikeda Friendly Food Project”. They’re introducing Muslim, vegetarian, vegan-friendly restaurants on the web. It’s available in English and Japanese.

The project inspired by questions about food from international tourists to Ikeda City, such as “Is there any place to get Halal food?”. With their hopes of wanting people to enjoy Ikeda cuisine, the “Ikeda Friendly Food Project” was born.
On its website, you will find shops and other establishments in Ikeda that consider and accommodate Muslims. You can see available services by clicking on the icons on the page details.

As projects such as this widen, both Muslims who live in the town and future Muslim tourists could enjoy the food in peace.

[New Project Kick Off!] Ikeda Friendly Food Project (Ikeda City Tourist Association)

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