Real-time, displays voice on acrylic panel

Kyocera developed an Easy-to-understand Subtitle Display System that shows audio in real-time on an acrylic panel. It was demonstrated at CEATEC 2021 ONLINE.

Image of “Easy-to-understand Subtitle Display System”

As COVID-19 continues to spread, it has become more common for people to talk while wearing a mask or with an acrylic panel between them. But talking with face masks and acrylic panels makes it difficult to see facial expressions and hear the person saying things. In Japan’s fast-ageing society, talking to senior citizens with hearing loss is now more challenging than ever.

Kyocera’s new “Easy-to-understand Subtitle Display System” has 4 key features.

  1. Audio (voice/speech) is detected in real-time and then displayed as subtitles on an acrylic panel or other surfaces.
  2. Easy-to-apply as you can use it with any existing surfaces, such as transparent acrylic panels and plastic sheets.
  3. The system automatically highlights pre-registered words and shows graphics as you speak to help you tell your message more clearly.
  4. Mirrored text (words reversed horizontally) appears on the acrylic panel at the same time, so the speaker can check if their voice is correctly transmitted. The listener cannot see the mirrored text, and so it won’t disturb their reading process.

Testing of the new product starts in November at support desks for the elderly and people with disabilities in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Text highlighting and Graphic display

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