For foreign tourists, Multilingual disaster support on LIVE JAPAN

LIVE JAPAN PERFECT GUIDE TOKYO, a tourism info service for foreign visitors in Japan, led by Gurunavi (a major restaurant database operator) with 47 companies/organisations, launched a new project on 25 July to provide multilingual info on support during disasters.

This service is part of the Tokyo Data Platform Case Study Project by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. It employs the Disaster Information Timeline mechanism released by LIVE JAPAN in July 2019, which provides information about disaster aid topics.

Besides supporting the transmission of disaster information from each facility in multiple languages, it collects open data on evacuation and temporary accommodations provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, displaying them on the Useful MAP in LIVE JAPAN.
As such, the service aims to ensure the safety and well-being of foreign visitors in Japan, stimulating private businesses and contributing to improving Tokyo citizens’ QOL (quality of life).

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