Japan’s first, Halal-certified, New lamb burger bistro in Tokyo

Luxe Burgers & Sunny’s Table reopens in Tokyo as Japan’s first restaurant to serve authentic bistro menu and halal-certified burgers with 100% Lamb Patty.

The restaurant reopened in June 2021 in Ningyocho and Mitsukoshimae, Tokyo, where you can easily order takeaways and delivery online.

The chef/owner has 20 years of experience in French cuisine.
The restaurant develops its menu using lamb that both Japanese and Muslim patrons can enjoy. Everything, including sauces and dressings, is entirely made by the chef/owner without any chemical seasonings.

Luxe Burgers & Sunny‘s Table
Address: Nihombashikobunacho Bld 1F, Nihombashikobunacho 6-13 , Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0024

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