Plastic-free & Muslim-friendly ethical lipstick ‘BENI’ launched

With an eye on women’s social independence and environmental issues, Menary put its first Muslim and vegan-friendly ethical lipstick—BENI, pre-sale on Makuake.

The brand name “Menary” originates from the Malay word “Menari”, meaning “dancing”. Manufacturing is generally large company-centred with a premise of mass production and mass consumption. But Menary stands out with its quest for women’s inherent beauty and contribution to the environment and society.
The company has set out to embed ethical consumption and the SDGs through cosmetics close to women’s lives.

Ethical lipstick BENI is the first in Japan to be 100% plastic-free, with no plastic used for its container or contents, giving us an eco-friendly lipstick.
“To be plastic-free without compromising on design and practicality” is what the company care for, thus successfully giving birth to this compact lipstick after about a year-long development.

The product is also “Muslim-Friendly”, free from pig-derived ingredients and alcohol, suitable for Muslims.
Cruelty-free and suitable for vegans, with no animal ingredients or testing involved in the manufacturing process.

Ethical Lipstick BENI
Colour: Red
Packaging: Paper
Price: JPY 4,500 (including tax and postage) [=abt. USD 41]
Pre-sale: 26 Aug. (Thu.) – 16 Oct. 2021 (Sat.), 18:00 Japan time
*It will also be available on the brand’s EC website after the pre-sale ends.

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