Halal food truck Mr.HALAL opens 3rd shop in Chiyoda

Mr.HALAL offers Chicken Over Rice made with halal ingredients by food trucks to spread the halal culture common in NY to Japan. 3rd branch in Chiyoda Ward will have its grand opening on 22 December.

The food available at Mr.HALAL uses ONLY halal-certified ingredients. Its Chicken Over Rice is always freshly prepared, with the chicken cooked on the griddle plate upon order. Alongside fresh vegetables and the famous premium aromatic Basmati rice.

Mr.HALAL is constantly researching the best way to market online delivery orders, reaching 16 times more customers than traditional food trucks. Sales revenue increased significantly. Food truck style businesses also performed well even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr.HALAL is currently searching for franchisees to open shops in selected key areas.

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All halal-certified foods, Mr.HALAL food truck opens for franchising

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