Ninja experience with prayer space, English support, VR at Ninja-Do(Osaka)

Close to some of Osaka’s famous sightseeing spots like Abeno Harukas, Ninja-Do (忍者堂 Ninja-Do) allows you to learn the ways of a shinobi (ninja), from how to walk to shuriken lessons, with English language support. Apart from ninja training, there’s even a designated free time for you to visit some sightseeing spots near here while wearing a ninja costume.

On top of that, you can experience fighting against samurais and ninjas via VR (virtual reality), with additional fees. There are 3 VR courses: Samurai, Ninja and Armour, which you will also get to wear the respective costumes.
For Muslim customers, you can throw your worries away as Ninja-Do provides qibla compass and prayer mats to pray at its premises.

For more info on prices and courses, click the link below.

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