Nippi’s fish collagen peptide product now halal

Nippi, a leading Japanese manufacturer and distributor of collagen-based cosmetics and health supplements, obtained Halal certification for its exclusive collagen peptide factory.
In what areas will it be used?

Nippi obtained halal certification from the Japan Halal Foundation for its exclusive collagen peptide factory in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka. The facility conducts research, development and production of collagen peptides for the beauty and health food industries, with halal-certified fish-derived collagen peptides.

The market for collagen peptides is growing worldwide, particularly for fish-derived collagen peptides, which are seeing increasing demand in beauty applications and the medical sector. Halal-certified medicines are rare, leaving Muslims with no choice but to consume non-halal ones. Hence, halal medicines are much needed.

In Muslim countries such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East, demand for collagen peptides is rising. The certificate body, Japan Halal Foundation, has international cross-certifications from JAKIM (Malaysia) and MUIS (Singapore). Thus, it’s possible for Nippi to use it in products for Muslim countries with increasing demand.

With this certification, Nippi’s fish-derived collagen peptide products expected to be used in halal medicines, products for Islamic countries where demand is high.

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