NinjaPaste: A new healthy low-carb & low-calorie source, Sydecas

Say hello to the developer behind NinjaPaste, which uses konnyaku as its key ingredient— the food tech company Sydecas Inc. Launching the NinjaFoods brand, they offer an array of products catering to people with food restrictions. Find out all about the features of this ingredient and future developments with the company's president, Mr Masahiro Yoritama. (more…)

Certified halal, Raw spirulina to resolve food crisis, TABÉRUMO

The bio-venture company TABÉRUMO Corporation became the first company in Japan to commercialise fresh-raw spirulina, an ingredient that could make carbon neutrality possible, acquiring the Halal certification of the Brunei government. Find out more about the possibilities of spirulina and what the company has in store for the future from COO Toshiya Sasaki. (more…)

Anyone can eat it! Famous Japanese β-Glucan EX health supplement now comes as trial pack

Aureo Co., Ltd. launched a new trial pack of its popular & No.1 selling supplement β-Glucan EX, which contains black yeast β-glucan and EF lactic acid bacteria, on 12 December 2022. A limited first-time '54% off' campaign has also begun on the same day. It has no preservatives and synthetic colours. Aiming to ensure its products are safe for anyone to eat, at any time, and in any quantity (there is a guideline), the company has maintained a stringent control and quality, from raw materials to shipping. Its domestic factory...

Halal apple cider vinegar from cask-aged whole apples, 110 y.o. pro Kanesho

Kanesho Co., Inc. manufactures and sells products like a rich apple cider vinegar with a deep apple taste. With its 14 varieties of Halal-certified apple cider vinegar, the company has export them to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Check out what makes them so special and more with its president, Toshisada Kushibiki. (more…)