From Japan! All NOMON Products are No Animal Certified

Teijin Group’s NOMON acquired Japan Halal Business Association’s “No Animal Certificate” for its NADaltus® and WASAbis® supplements, certifying that they are free from animal-derived ingredients.

“No Animal Certificate” is verification by JHBA that no primary raw materials of animal origin are used in the products by inspecting material specifications and such. It indicates that the primary ingredients do not contain animal-derived substances, mainly from livestock and poultry such as cattle, pigs and sheep.

Two products certified this time:
1. NADaltus® – a pure Japanese NMN supplement containing highly pure nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN).
2. WASAbis® – a food with functional claims containing Wasabis Sulfinyl®, a rare healthy component made exclusively from Japanese horseradish.

NOMON products to date are entirely manufactured in Japan, using only domestic raw materials with stringent quality control measures, including traceability. In August 2020, they obtained the international anti-doping certification “Informed Sport”, which entails quality control through strict testing standards for all production lots.

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