Suntory makes 100% plant-based plastic bottle

Japan’s leading beverage company SUNTORY revealed its success in developing plastic bottles made of 100% plant-based materials with a completed prototype.

(Left) Current Suntory Natural Water, (Right) New 100% plant-based PET bottle

PET or plastic bottles have always used petroleum-based materials. However, in 2013, SUNTORY introduced PET bottles made from 30% plant-based materials.

And after nine years of joint development with an American bio-chemical venture, SUNTORY has now taken on the challenge of using plant-based materials for the remaining 70%.

The company successfully produced paraxylene, a precursor to terephthalic acid (PTA), by extracting cellulose from pine woodchips and skipping intermediates through heat and catalyst.
The wood chip used is a non-food plant, so it will not affect the supply chain.
The bottle is believed to be the world’s first PET bottle made from a non-food material that is 100% plant-based.

Process Flow Chart

By 2030, SUNTORY aims to replace all PET bottles with recycled or plant-based materials. They hope to make these 100% plant-based PET bottles available to consumers as soon as possible.

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