See Tokyo Map for Muslim, Vegan by Taito City

Taito City in Tokyo is a popular tourist destination for Muslim tourists with attractive attractions and many halal-friendly restaurants. Taito City unveiled a digital map showing information on operations and menus of halal-certified and vegan/vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Ueno Park (photo courtesy of Taito City)

The map covers two areas: ‘Ueno and Yanaka Area’ and ‘Asakusa Area’. Besides restaurant information and menus of halal-certified restaurants, each place has icons based on their halal certification stage. The map also highlights information on mosques/prayer rooms, souvenir shops and sightseeing.

Icon Description

The section manager of the Tourism Division says: “We hope that this ‘Tokyo Dietary Diversity Map’ will be useful for all visitors to Taito City to eat, drink and enjoy sightseeing here comfortably”.

Download the map from the official Taito City website below.
Tokyo Dietary Diversity Map (PDF)

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