Taste food via TV screen now with lickable tech

At the Digital Content Expo 2021 (DCEXPO 2021, 17-19 Nov., Wed-Fri), held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, Meiji University’s Prof. Homei Miyashita showcased Taste The TV (TTTV). The TTTV can reproduce the taste of food on the screen.

Demonstration at DCEXPO 2021

TTTV is a next-generation television that lets you taste the food shown on it when you lick the screen. The device mainly consists of a display and a tank. The tank stores cartridges containing 10 different solutions, such as saltwater and glutamic acid, which mix to reproduce flavours.

We all naturally watch and listen to the images and sounds coming from our TVs. If we find a page on the internet that we like, we may print it out to keep records.
TTTV is the result of that same concept to “output taste”.

The display surface is covered with a transparent, colourless sheet that rolls up after you finish tasting for easy disposal and to keep it hygienic.

The TTTV can record several food patterns, such as chocolate cake or mapo tofu, and recreate them using the remote control. In the future, it may even include voice recognition.

TTTV: Taste Display with spray-mixing method (ENG sub)

Japan has increased efforts for “Food Diversity” in recent times, making food more accessible by accommodating various dietary, including Vegetarian, Halal and Kosher. In line with Food Diversity, the different solutions used for TTTV would have to check its sources and production modes–animal or plant-based, etc.–to cater for people with such diets.

Food Printer x TTTV

It can also reproduce both the visual and the taste of the food by combining it with a food printer. Giving expectations of an even more broad range of applications.

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