Food Tech

Japan invents ‘electric chopsticks’ to boost saltiness with electric

Kirin, a major Japanese beverage giant, and a research team led by Prof Homei Miyashita of Meiji University worked together to invent ‘Electric Chopsticks’. A device that artificially enhances our…

Fish grow 1.6x faster by greenlight, New land aquaculture tech in Japan

Land-based aquaculture of fish is currently in the spotlight in Japan.A major turning point has come from the era of catching fish to ‘making’ fish on land. These changes are…

Meat from CO2! Ultimate system by Japanese venture

A magic mechanism is now on its way to becoming a reality. It uses carbon dioxide, long-recognised as a cause of global warming, to make quality protein-rich meat.

How to make meat tastier? Unique sheet from Japan with fungi power

Japan has an old saying: “Meat is best when it’s going to rot”. Does your country have this kind of saying?Of course, we can’t eat meat that has actually rotten.…

Flavour & texture galore! Plant-based meat 30 years in the making

Building a sustainable society is a challenge for all people living on Earth.Japan is currently speeding up commercialising plant-based meat as a meat alternative to solve global warming. This solution focuses on…

Still good after 25 years! Japan’s awesome survival food

Fuji eruption, earthquakes, tsunamis, torrential rains—Japan’s natural environment has drastically changed in recent years.More Japanese people are now preparing for these never before experienced, unfamiliar disasters.

30% sweeter tomato with gene editing by Japanese university

A team of researchers from several Japanese universities, led by Nagoya University, developed a new tomato with higher sugar content using genome editing.

Japan’s sushi chain use AI tech for sustainable fishery

Two of Japan’s leading kaitenzushi (conveyor-belt sushi) firms have gone into the fisheries business, a field involving selective fish breeding and farming away from their core restaurant business.

Taste food via TV screen now with lickable tech

At the Digital Content Expo 2021 (DCEXPO 2021, 17-19 Nov., Wed-Fri), held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, Meiji University’s Prof. Homei Miyashita showcased Taste The TV (TTTV). The TTTV…

Japan is here with boiled egg from plants

A plant-based meat R&D firm, Green Culture, Inc., developed a plant-based boiled egg prototype. It is the first successful case in Japan of a vegan egg in such form.