See world-first flying bike XTURISMO takes off

Japanese start-up company A.L.I. Technologies develops a motorcycle-shaped flying vehicle, “XTURISMO”. A clip of its test flight is now released.

Clip of XTURISMO Test Flight

The XTURISMO is the world’s first real-life hoverbike. Powered by an engine and an electric motor, it can accelerate to a maximum speed of 100 km/h on a single charge and fly for up to 40 minutes.
The test flight was at the Fuji International Speedway circuit in Shizuoka. One pilot flew the bike for about 2 minutes as the bike floated about 3 metres above the ground.

XTURISMO, the New Air Mobility Technology

The XTURISMO is 3.7m in length, 2.4m in width, 1.5m in height, and weighs around 300kg. Each unit costs JPY77 million (about USD680,000 ), with the company planning to sell 200 units by mid-2022.

In Japan, you currently cannot fly or drive the XTURISMO on public roads due to the law.

The bike may be used as transportation in disaster situations with blocked roads or deserts, wetlands, islands, etc. Exports are also in planning.

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