Halal-certified vinegar & mirin to serve Muslims halal Japanese food

Japanese basic seasonings: vinegar and mirin. Generally, they contain alcohol and are thus not suitable for Muslims.
Yokoi Vinegar Brewing has solved this issue with its halal-certified pure rice vinegar, mirin-style seasonings and more.

By using seasonings compliant with halal, Muslims can now eat the globally popular Japanese food [washoku] with peace of mind.

[Yokoi Vinegar Brewing’s Halal-certified Products]

Junyonesu (Rice Vinegar)
Only domestic Japanese rice is used. Mellow and flavorful, this rice vinegar gives you the rich flavours of rice.

Jun Ringosu (Apple Vinegar)
Only domestic Japanese apple juice is used. It has an aromatic smell.

Hachimitsu Ringosu (Honey Apple Vinegar)
Drinkable vinegar made from pure honey and domestic Japanese apples. It is also suitable for cooking.

Nikiri (Mirin-like Seasoning)
Its flavour is optimally adjusted using rice vinegar without any alcohol. It has been used in many famous establishments, earning high acclaim.

Sushi Vinegar (YMF-30)
Made with the finest flavorful vinegar, sugar and salt. A well-balanced item used even in the most upscale sushi restaurants.

Yokoi Vinegar Brewing— Halal-certified Vinegar

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