Q. What kind of products do Groovy Japan handle?

A.Groovy Japan introduces and sells excellent products from Japanese and overseas manufacturers across national borders. Japan's Products We would love to introduce, sell excellent products unique to Japan overseas. We handle products made in Japan or products with technologies and designs born in Japan as their core. Moreover, we will make decisions based on the needs and such of the sales channel. Overseas Products Consultations would include such as the possibility to export-import. Please feel free to contact us.

Looking for trade partner companies

Groovy Japan is looking for cross-border EC/trade partner companies. In particular, we would like to spread products centred on Japanese technology and design to ASEAN countries. Please let us know if you're a manufacturer interested in expanding sales channels to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Alternately, we also look forward to hearing from overseas manufacturers who are seeking sales channels in Japan. For enquiries, please use this inquiry form.

Area Promotion

The importance of regional revitalization due to declining and ageing population is being emphasized. Local authorities, companies, and shops are under pressure to deal with their survival. We have developed a regional portal site network "Areaers" to revitalize the region using IT. We have 50 areas combined in Japan and overseas. The experience accumulated through Areaers, the connections with people and companies is irreplaceable assets. Utilizing this valuable asset, we will fully provide personnel required for new business construction and resources for Web technologies.


We offer our customers a wide range of solutions. The positioning of Web strategy is becoming more crucial in all processes from corporate management strategy to branding and marketing. Today, maintaining products superiority is difficult, as there are false ones as soon as new products were released. Tactic other than conventional mass advertising would also be needed. We will review, rebuild our site according to customers' situations and promote sales. We can make inclusive proposals, including even personnel recruitment. We're also planning e-commerce development in Japan and overseas, which multifaceted...

Cross Border E-Commerce

Demand for high-quality, value-added Japanese products is increasing in the ASEAN market where population and economic growth are remarkable. Groovy Japan wants to support manufacturers that produce products with distinctive features. If you are thinking of selling overseas, please contact us. We also accept test market and small-scale sales. In ASEAN, unique EC shopping sites that are different from Japan widely used. Using Groovy Japan's channel, expansion is possible to 4 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. ■Singapore, Malaysia: Take up consignment sales through Shopee's channel, which has a high...

Our Mission

Seasonal nature, hospitality and pop culture including high-tech. Japan is a country where tradition and cutting-edge technology unite. GROOVY JAPAN began in spring 2020. Introducing great products and services that Japan is proud of to the world. We are paying particular attention to Southeast Asia (ASEAN). Through business, we aspire to contribute to the friendly relations between ASEAN and Japan.

About Salam Groovy Japan

Who We Are J-Line Corporation, the operator of Salam Groovy Japan, established its Malaysian subsidiary JL CONNECT MALAYSIA in 2013 for business matching between Japanese companies and people in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.From 2021, the company launched Salam Groovy Japan, a media outlet delivering info on Japan for the Islamic market. We at the editorial unit of Salam Groovy Japan aspire to not only share information on the web, but also to connect with the Muslim community.In line with this, we have been engaged in contributing to the community...


As Japan facing a severe declining birthrate and ageing population, securing excellent human resources is challenging. We not only handle the recruiting media of national brands but also propose various solutions. We will provide total support to our customers, such as introducing excellent foreign personnel. Include proposal for personnel training and turnover control, planning and creation of a recruitment website.