Authentic Muslim-friendly kaiseki cuisine using Halal-certified ingredients

Muslim guests can enjoy Muslim-friendly Japanese cuisine at Kinsui, the restaurant at Hotel Chinsanzo Tokyo. Kinsui specializes in kaiseki, the pinnacle of Japanese cuisine, which consists of exquisite dishes showcasing seasonal ingredients. 

There are three types of Muslim-friendly kaiseki menus at Kinsui.

Asatsuyu (11,000 yen, available only at lunch on weekdays)
Koyo (19,000 yen), and Akebono (26,000 yen).

These menus use premium quality halal-certified chicken meat (Asatsuyu, Koyo) and Japanese beef (Koyo, Akebono), as well as halal-certified flour for the tempura (deep fried) dishes.

The menus include dishes made with flavorful vegetables from Kyoto; the soups are made using spring water from Kyoto’s Mt. Atago. The exquisite tempura made with shrimp, fish, and vegetables, and other delicate dishes included in these courses are some of the finest examples of Japanese cuisine. The Akebono course even includes sushi made with boiled conger and vegetables. Dessert includes seasonal Japanese confectionery – beautiful wagashi sweets that taste as delightful as they look.

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