Fun for all! Try free play at this family-friendly eSports center near Kansai Airport

A new eSports facility “e-Stadium Izumisano” suitable for both beginners and enthusiasts, from all ages and nationalities, has opened in November 2022 in the Rinku Town area in Izumisano, Osaka— About 10min. from Kansai Airport.

There is an area to experience games equipped with computers and other devices, including an area for children, both of which are free.  Apart from such eSports experience, e-Stadium Izumisano even offers competitions with training camps, and professional player development. If you’re a beginner, stay calm as the staffs will gladly support you!

e-Stadium Izumisano
Address: Rinku Papillio 2F, 1 Rinkuoraikita, Izumisano, Osaka 598-0048
HP (ENG): https://e-stadium.jp/izumisano/
*check out its official Twitter for latest updates: https://twitter.com/e_stadium_sano

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