Top 4 inn-hotel for best service in Japan 2021 revealed

What usually surprises most foreigners when first visiting Japan is the high-quality service. Japan is widely known worldwide for its remarkable hospitality. It is especially true for hotels, ryokans (traditional Japanese inn) and similar facilities offering their services at an extremely high level.

The Japanese travel giant JTB unveiled the best ryokans/hotels with the best service in 2021. Four facilities were selected from JTB’s network of about 3,700 ryokans/hotels that received high scores in the survey and so on.

Kasuien Minami / Shimane: Tamatsukuri Onsen (玉造温泉)

The Tokyo Station Hotel / Tokyo: Near Tokyo Station

Kinugawa Kanaya Hotel / Tochigi: Kinugawa

Shima Kanko Hotel The Bay Suites / Mie: Kashiko Island

Alas, accommodation in Japan is not yet widely Halal compliant. However, the many tourist attractions and hospitality will definitely make your trip to Japan worthwhile.

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