Conveyor-belt Kura Sushi to raise prices, no more 100-yen sushi

Japan’s major conveyor-belt sushi chain, Kura Sushi, is set to raise its prices from October, ending its lowest-priced 100 yen offer.

Conveyor-belt sushi in Japan has long been sold at the low price of 100 yen (=around USD 0.69) per plate. But with changing times, many items are forced to have a price increase.

With this price increase, sushi at 100 yen per plate will no longer be available.
Japanese restaurants are known by many foreigners for their cheap, high quality and tasty food. Driven by the weak yen, the prices offered may still be relatively appealing to foreign tourists for the time being.

Kura Sushi in Japan has no halal-certified restaurant. If you want to visit its conveyor-belt sushi, you can check the ingredients included in the sushi from its allergen table/menu when you’re ordering. If not, you can ask the staff to confirm about the ingredients.
It’s usually hard to find halal soy sauce at normal conveyor-belt sushi, so make sure to bring your own halal soy sauce.

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