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Cross Border E-Commerce

Demand for high-quality, value-added Japanese products is increasing in the ASEAN market where population and economic growth are remarkable. Groovy Japan wants to support manufacturers that produce products with distinctive features. If you are thinking of selling overseas, please contact us. We also accept test market and small-scale sales. In ASEAN, unique EC shopping sites that are different from Japan widely used. Using Groovy Japan's channel, expansion is possible to 4 countries: Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. ■Singapore, Malaysia: Take up consignment sales through Shopee's channel, which has a high...

Our Mission

Seasonal nature, hospitality and pop culture including high-tech. Japan is a country where tradition and cutting-edge technology unite. GROOVY JAPAN began in spring 2020. Introducing great products and services that Japan is proud of to the world. We are paying particular attention to Southeast Asia (ASEAN). Through business, we aspire to contribute to the friendly relations between ASEAN and Japan.

About Salam Groovy Japan

Who We Are J-Line Corporation, the operator of Salam Groovy Japan, established its Malaysian subsidiary JL CONNECT MALAYSIA in 2013 for business matching between Japanese companies and people in Malaysia and other ASEAN countries.From 2021, the company launched Salam Groovy Japan, a media outlet delivering info on Japan for the Islamic market. We at the editorial unit of Salam Groovy Japan aspire to not only share information on the web, but also to connect with the Muslim community.In line with this, we have been engaged in contributing to the community...


As Japan facing a severe declining birthrate and ageing population, securing excellent human resources is challenging. We not only handle the recruiting media of national brands but also propose various solutions. We will provide total support to our customers, such as introducing excellent foreign personnel. Include proposal for personnel training and turnover control, planning and creation of a recruitment website.

New portal offers easy search on Halal materials for cosmetics

The Watahan Group has launched TR ORGANIC Materials, a website that allows users to search for 100% naturally derived ingredients from across the world. For the cosmetics and food beverage markets, the site offers a selection of 100% natural ingredients collected by Watahan Trading Co., Ltd. from across the globe, including South America (mainly Mexico), India, and Germany. You can find out about their features, download catalogues and request samples. The search for halal-certified ingredients can also narrow down in the cosmetics sector, which may help Japanese firms to develop...

A special seminar on halal fishery of Indonesia, Malaysia

The 22nd Japan International Seafood Show commences at Tokyo Big Sight from 30th September–2nd October 2020.Japan Halal Business Association will exhibit processed seafood products, distribute pamphlets on Japanese halal seafood recipes and hold a halal seminar at the Halal Theme Corner. The seminar is for all companies who are targeting the Islamic market with their seafood products. It will cover the current halal certification state for processed seafood products in the Islamic market (Southeast Asia and the Middle East) and buyers' requirements for such products. (more…)

Halal Serum: For Beautiful Hair, Nourishing Your Scalp

Number Three Inc., a manufacturer of professional haircare products, launched a new scalp serum from its "Hue Care" lineup on 23 September 2020 (Wed). It is a lineup of hair care products that maintain beautiful, translucent colour finishes.  It caught the eyes of our Salam Groovy Japan's editorial team as all products under the Hue Care lineup including the serum, are halal-certified so Muslims can rest assured. (more…)

Japan Halal Forum 2020 Online: Unfolding Post-COVID Opportunities

At the first Halal Japan Forum in 2012, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad gave the first keynote speech on halal in Japan, which triggered a halal boom in Japan. The forum has become a crucial platform to get information on the forefront of halal business in Japan for export, expansion and inbound.In 2018, a seminar on Bangladesh was held, thus some companies exported and expanded their business with their proposals. In 2019, the forum focused on Indonesia and the UAE among other Islamic countries. Furthermore, in 2020, the event focuses...

Emergency Survival: Halal Nasi Goreng & Biryani To The Rescue

Onisi Foods Co., Ltd, a company known for producing emergency Alpha Rice emergency rations and space food, launched "Onisi's Nasi Goreng" and "Onisi's Biryani" on 21st April 2020. They are perfect as emergency rations and stockpiles with a shelf life of 5 years and 6 months.*Alpha Rice: unique rice that is perfectly steamed and then dried via "alpha modification", which "alpha" refers to the state of starch contained in the rice. The company also committed to developing products for Muslims, who make up a quarter of the world's population, finally...