Fostering Muslim-inclusive attractions to attract tourists, Ichihara DMO

In Ichihara City, Chiba Prefecture, the Ichihara DMO (Tourism Region Development Corporation: Ichihara City Tourism Association) is taking the lead in attracting tourists and improving the environment to accommodate them, especially Muslims. Discover from Executive Director Masaomi Ikeda what drew the city to focus on Muslims and what the future holds. (more…)

Our Muslim-friendly Japanese snack packs now available at halal restaurant MATSURI

Ramadan Kareem Everyone! It's your Muslimah Admin Iman here. And I have some great news to share with you today. Our assorted Muslim-friendly Japanese snack packs are finally available at the famous halal restaurant MATSURI in Osaka. You can enjoy them on-the-road, or give them to your friends, colleagues and families as souvenirs. (more…)

Travel in comfort with TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’ Guide 2023-2024

As a way of accommodating travellers with diverse cultures and customs, the Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau (TCVB) have published TOKYO MUSLIM Travelers’ Guide, showing places to eat, pray, shop and stay that are ready to host Muslim travellers, so they can spend a comfortable time in Tokyo. It even includes useful Japanese phrases travellers can use in their trip. Japan Halal Business Association (JHBA) has been supervising this guidebook for three years in a row. And travellers can find more shops in this new edition. Download from the link...

A much-loved Sendai restaurant is back with halal and vegan menus

Closed in 2016, the Italian restaurant "Pasta House Pomodoro" favoured by the locals in Kashiwagi (Sendai) for 20 years, has reopened in February 2023 at the same location. It is approximately a 1-min walk from Kashiwagi 2-chome (Sendai City Bus) bus stop.Bringing back its nostalgic taste, all its dishes are now made to be halal-compliant to ensure all kinds of customers can be assured when enjoying the food. It also serves vegan-friendly dishes, with English menu available. Find out more in the translated link below.

8 Muslim-friendly alternative spots for these famous closed restaurants in Tokyo-Osaka

Salam/Hello Everyone. Have you ever experienced this situation? You finally visited Japan after the pandemic, but the Muslim-friendly service or Halal restaurant is not in operation anymore when you got there. No need to worry since this page will show you the Muslim-friendly/Halal alternatives to these few closed restaurants, so you won't get lost. (^_-) (more…)

Halal Japanese food & wholehearted hospitality for Muslims in Miyajima, Miyajima Yamaichi

Home to the World Heritage Site of Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima in Hiroshima Prefecture is a popular tourist destination known as one of the three most picturesque places in Japan. Miyajima Yamaichi Co., Ltd., which runs a restaurant and ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), provides Halal Japanese food and prayer space for Muslims visiting Miyajima.Let's discover how they came to accommodate Muslims and their future prospects straight from President Teppei Yamamatsu. (more…)

2-Day Muslim-friendly trip in Sendai for cherry-blossom hunting

Located in the Tohoku Region (northeast Japan), Sendai is by far the largest city in the region– where modern comes in harmony with nature –about 90 minutes from Tokyo by shinkansen (bullet train). As spring is coming, what better way to enjoy Japan in this season than HANAMI (cherry-blossom viewing). Check out this 2-day spring trip in Sendai, featuring scenic cherry-blossom spots like Shiroishigawa-Tsutsumi Hitome Senbonzakura (1,200 cherry blossom trees stretching along an 8km path) or riding a slope car through blooming cherry-blossoms at Funaoka Castle Park. The course also recommends...

Have fun in Chiba with this Muslim-friendly map 2022-2023 (sambal icon & vegan included!)

Next to Tokyo, CHIBA is best known for being home to Japan's two Disney parks, and Narita International Airport, one of two international airports serving the Greater Tokyo AreaAs we have entered 2023, Chiba City Tourism Association has released the latest edition of its Muslim Friendly Map that provides helpful information on where you can eat, pray, shop and stay the night in Chiba City area. And of course, the map has vegetarian options including icons for Wi-fi or even sambal (spicy chilli paste) availability. The association regularly updates the map...

Kobe travel guidebook for Muslims out now (There’s halal Kobe beef too!)

The Kobe Tourism Bureau has released a guidebook 'Muslim Friendly Travel KOBE' with info tailored to the needs of Muslim travellers visiting Kobe (the capital of Hyogo Prefecture located in western Japan), such as restaurants serving halal food and prayer space. In a survey by the bureau, Kobe beef, takoyaki (Akashiyaki) and Kobe sweets are among the gourmet foods Muslims are interested in, while Kobe Mosque took the NO.1 spot as the sightseeing spot they want to visit the most. Check out the guidebook in the translated link below. Related Article:Inbound...

Muslim-friendly: new Kumamoto Airport terminal ready to welcome you in March

Located in Kumamoto Prefecture (in the middle of Kyushu), new passenger terminal building under renovation at Aso Kumamoto Airport will have its first day of service on 23 March 2023. It has a large "stay type gate lounge" for your shopping and dining needs after security checks. Near the arrival gates on its 1st floor, there's even a newly built prayer room with a wudu (ablution) facility included. As the airport advocates "Opened to the World and the Region: Kyushu Central Gateway", it is expanding its air network, including international...

Qibla in all rooms! A Muslim-friendly hotel 3-min away from Kansai Airport

Directly accessible within Kansai International Airport, Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport is the only hotel on the Kansai International Airport island with qibla (direction to Mecca for prayer) installed at every room (576 rooms) for the convenience of Muslim guests. Guests can also borrow prayer mats and garments.Its Muslim-friendly service is conducted in cooperation with NPO Japan Halal Association*1. Photo Source: Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport Plus, Hotel Nikko Kansai Airport ranked 7 as one of the 'Best Hotels in Japan' in the '2022 Travelers’ Choice, Best of the Best Hotels' list run...