2-Day Muslim-friendly trip in Sendai for cherry-blossom hunting

Located in the Tohoku Region (northeast Japan), Sendai is by far the largest city in the region– where modern comes in harmony with nature –about 90 minutes from Tokyo by shinkansen (bullet train). As spring is coming, what better way to enjoy Japan in this season than HANAMI (cherry-blossom viewing).

Check out this 2-day spring trip in Sendai, featuring scenic cherry-blossom spots like Shiroishigawa-Tsutsumi Hitome Senbonzakura (1,200 cherry blossom trees stretching along an 8km path) or riding a slope car through blooming cherry-blossoms at Funaoka Castle Park. The course also recommends a few Muslim-friendly restaurants around the city to complete your trip.

Cherry blossom season in Sendai usually starts one to two weeks later than Tokyo. So if you miss hanami in Tokyo, now you know where to visit!

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