Halal menu in student cafeteria resumes at UEC

The University of Electro-Communications (UEC) now offers Halal food in the student cafeteria, after much demand based on its survey conducted for international students from Muslim countries.

In December, the university began the “Halal Menu Recommendation”, with plans to expand the menu in the future.
UEC has welcomed more than ten new Muslim students since April 2021. The number of new Muslim students intake is over double that of all current Muslim students. It estimates it will likely increase further in the future.

In the 2017 academic year, the university launched its D.C.&I. strategy. D stands for Diversity, C for Communication and I for Innovation, which aims to nurture diversity while boosting communication and innovation.
The “Halal Menu Recommendation” is part of this effort to create a campus environment that values diversity and mutual understanding.

[REPORT] Restart of Halal Menu Recommendation at the University Cafeteria / The University of Electro-Communications (in JAP)

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