Halal apple cider vinegar from cask-aged whole apples, 110 y.o. pro Kanesho

Kanesho Co., Inc. manufactures and sells products like a rich apple cider vinegar with a deep apple taste. With its 14 varieties of Halal-certified apple cider vinegar, the company has export them to Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries. Check out what makes them so special and more with its president, Toshisada Kushibiki. (more…)

“HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA” with Muslim-Friendly services and facilities

"HOTEL YUGAF INN OKINAWA" offers "Muslim Friendly Services" for Muslim customers.Services include preparation of prayer rooms, preparation of prayer mats in guest rooms, prayer timetables in the Okinawa area, prayer directions, and Muslim-Friendly menus at restaurants using special cooking utensils and cooking only with halal ingredients. Enjoy your stay in Okinawa! Please see the link below for more details. Exclusive:Muslim-friendly beach resort: Hotel Yugaf Inn Okinawa, A hub for tourists Related Posts:Muslim-friendly Paprika Hotel with musalla & halal restaurant

JAL starts serving Halal-certified “Yuzu Sorbet”

JAL has started offering "Yuzu* Sorbet" newly manufactured by "Kochi Ice" on international flights. It is available in "Premium Economy Class" and "Economy Class" on flights departing from Japan (some routes are not eligible; special in-flight meals are available). This sorbet is halal-certified that is free of 28 allergens, making it safe for everyone to enjoy. *Yuzu: a type of citrus fruit originated from East Asian region.

Let’s Enjoy OKONOMIYAKI Experience at Hiroshima Station

A wide range of groups such as foreign travelers, families, and school trip students can enjoy the experience! Standard Hiroshima Okonomiyaki Experience with a selectable heaped topping. It comes with the original apron and hat, so you can come empty-handed. It will serve a Muslim-friendly menu and a Vegetarian menu for those from abroad. Please click the link below for details

Special lecture on food culture – Halal food

Globalization has positively impacted as the number of foreign residents living in Japan has increased rapidly these years. Then it would be considered important to create a foundation that can respond flexibly from the aspect of food. Interest in halal food is growing in Japan, and there are more and more places where you can eat safely while visiting Japan. Under these circumstances, special lectures on overseas food culture and halal food are being held at Japanese universities. Please click the link below for more details.