Bean snack maker marks 100th year with special website

A food manufacturer of nuts, beans and dried fruits snacks, Arima Hokodo reaches its 100th anniversary in October 2021. The company also sells its products in Malaysia, the “hub of Southeast Asia” and “the heart of the Halal market”.

Founded in 1921, it has always valued “ingredients”, “freshness”, “cleanliness”, maintaining “honesty” and “integrity” in its business. Besides its shops, Arima Hokodo sells its products in more than 130 retail and mass merchandising outlets across Japan. It also sells its products in Malaysia and plans to expand its reach to other Islamic markets such as Singapore and Indonesia.

Under the new slogan “Nuts to Your Table”, the company opened a nut sweets cafe and product R&D laboratory “NUTS LAB” in April 2021. For the trays used in the shop, timber from forest thinning at Mt. Rokko (usually thrown away) is recycled effectively. As an initiative to revitalize local regions, it also carries out the Setsubun project “Fuku wa Uchi” to continue the bean-throwing culture and stimulate local activities.
*Setsubun (節分) is an annual traditional celebration in Japan where Japanese people has the custom to throw beans to drive away evil spirits (mamemaki). Its name literally means “seasonal division”, referring to the day just before the first day of spring in the old Japanese calendar.

Aside from producing nuts, Arima Hokodo does all kinds of activities to contribute to SDGs, such as donations to public organizations and obtaining Halal certification. On its special 100th anniversary website, you can discover more about the company history and details of its ongoing “1 Million Yen Prize Giveaway Campaign” to show its 100 years of gratitude.

100th Anniversary Website / Arima Hokodo

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