Halal ramen shop that specializes in ‘Plant-based meat alternatives dumpling’ grand opening

Halal ramen shop that specializes in ‘Plant-based meat alternatives dumpling’ will be opened in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Ramen shop ‘MENSEI’ was named after “Diversified noodles to the world”. In the process of promoting healthy plant-based meat alternatives dumpling project by Worikel GK, they found the need for Muslim-friendly and halal-certified foods. That had also led to the opening of a Muslim-friendly restaurant in Sano City, Tochigi Prefecture.

Menus includes halal-friendly ramen noodles supervised by ramen shop Nikkoken, ‘Omni Meat Dumplings (rich in high protein / low fat / dietary fiber) and original flavour fried chicken. All these menus that are high quality and environmental sustainable.

What is ‘Omni meat’ – Alternative meat?

A nutritious plant-based meat alternatives developed by uniquely blending pea, soybean (non-genetically modified), maitake mushroom and rice vegetable protein.

Ramen shop ‘MENSEI’ gear up for a grand opening and looking forward to meeting people who are ready to take part in Ramadan 2022 and their supporters.

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