Restaurant near Haneda Airport with robot chef, waiter & more

Kawasaki Heavy Industries opened Future Lab HANEDA for open innovation*1 in robotics on 20 April 2022 in Haneda Innovation City, a large-scale complex next to Haneda Airport.

Future Lab HANEDA houses a series of demonstrations and social implementations to solve various social issues, so there are high expectations that this will lead to building future sustainable services.
What’s most eye-catching here is a restaurant, where robots handle everything from cooking to serving and cleaning up. This robot restaurant “AI_SCAPE” is also open to the general public.

Society and lifestyle like what you see in anime is fast approaching!
Very shortly, robots may be in charge of taking care of all customer services in Japanese restaurants. There are high hopes for realising a robot-friendly society, where people and robots coexist in harmony.

In 2025, Osaka will host the World Expo.
By the time the pandemic danger is over, and Muslims can travel to Japan leisurely without worries, a robot-friendly society may have already begun in Japan.

Future Lab HANEDA
Address: HANEDA INNOVATION CITY Zone D 2F, 1-1-4, Haneda Airport, Ota-ku, Tokyo 144-0041

*1 Open innovation: a situation where an organisation doesn’t just rely on their own internal knowledge, sources and resources (such as their own staff or R&D) for innovation (of products, services, business models, processes etc.), but also uses multiple external sources (such as customer feedback, published patents, competitors, external agencies, the public etc.) to drive innovation. [based on The Oxford Review Encyclopaedia of Terms]

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