Halal ramen Honolu operator selected for METI subsidy program

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) announced the selected project list for its 2021 subsidy scheme, “JAPAN Brand Development Assistance Program”.
Among those listed, you can see the name ASSET FRONTIER, which applied for the international export project of original brand halal-certified food products.

ASSET FRONTIER is also famous for its “Honolu”, boasting the No.1* ranking of Halal Ramen in Japan. It also supports companies to enter the Islamic market under a partnership with the Japan Halal Business Association.
In supporting the overseas expansion of processed food products, it has partnered with the PPIH Group, operator of Don Quijote. The company is primarily active in Malaysia and Singapore.
*Source: Halal Navi 2018/2019 rankings

For the list of the JAPAN Brand Development Assistance Program’s selected projects (148 in total), refer to the official page of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency shown below.

The JAPAN Brand Development Assistance Program is a subsidy to support the overseas expansion of SMEs. It serves to help local SMEs secure demand from outside the region while contributing to revitalising the local economy and boosting local SMEs.
The subsidy covers part of the costs involved in market research, new product/service development/improvement, branding and sales channel development for SMEs using premium materials and technologies for their products/services with the prospect of overseas expansion.

In FY2021, there are two principal changes.
(1) Applicants must use ”support partners” selected by the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency.
(2) Applications must be submitted via online “e-application (jGrants)”.

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FY2021 JAPAN Brand Development Assistance Program’s Subsidy/List of Selected Projects (Small and Medium Enterprise Agency)

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