teamLab lets you revisit nature in a dreamlike interactive Osaka garden

Since its opening in July 2022, teamLab Botanical Garden Osaka, continues to draw more and more international tourists. It is a permanent interactive exhibition by teamLab in Nagai Botanical Garden (Osaka). Also won an award for excellence in the Pioneering Visual Effects Project in the VFX-JAPAN Award* 2023.

Like other teamLab exhibitions such as the digitised forest in Kyushu, the digital art installations here incorporates the environment that highlights the garden’s natural beauty in a new light. This means each artwork changes as influenced by the wind, rain, or even how visitors interact with it. Of course, the art space will change along with the four seasons in Japan.

*VFX-Japan Awards recognize creations in live-action film, video games, commercials, animated film, television, and events that excel in the use of CG and VFX.

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