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Simply Beautiful, Halal-certified SHOJIN COSME

Inspired by Japanese vegetarian cuisine, RACE presents a range of ethical Halal cosmetics made in Japan. Narazaki, marketing manager of RACE, shared what drives the company to create beautifying products…

TAKEX takes on SEA halal market, Bamboo sanitizer & shelf-life extender

A company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells sanitisers, food additives and more made from bamboo—TAKEX. While the products contain ethanol (a type of alcohol), they are certified as Halal…

Fog expert, From spraying to disinfection and landscaping

Infinitely expanding the possibilities of fog—a leading fog company“Fog Engineers”. The term represents H. IKEUCHI & CO., LTD., a specialist manufacturer of spray nozzles for atomizing liquids.

Hanko Seal: A Deeply Rooted Tradition in Japan

A contemporary master craftsman undeterred by the adversity of “de-stamp (datsu hanko)”.The hanko seal industry faces a rough patch with the government’s “de-stamp (datsu hanko)” policy. A policy on breaking away from…

For social good, With the power of AI & Robotics

Head of a group of engineers tackling social issues through the integration of AI and robot technology.

Uncovering the Traditions of Japanese Tin Crafts

Bearing the legacy of Osaka’s Naniwa Tinware, a “Contemporary Master Craftsman” strives to nurture his successors and expand its fan base.

Keeping Japanese doll craft alive, From Japan to the world

Hina, Oyama, Ichimatsu dolls… Keeping people and cultures connected through making dolls that fit people lifestyles.Hina dolls are said to have appeared among the Japanese nobles in the Heian period…

Halal-certified Premium Japanese Cosmetics to The World: Vy Krásný

Japan’s first brand to develop Halal-certified serum, Vy Krásný.We chat with Yumiko Nakano, President of Vy Krásný, the Japanese brand behind creating reliable and safe halal beauty products for your…

3D billboards to a POP culture! Osaka, Dubai & Beyond

Dinosaur heads popping out of walls, big hands holding large sushi, giant pufferfish and octopus dangling over arcades— You can now see them in every corner of the city: 3D…

Long standing MISO shop in the city of Osaka

Introducing one of Osaka’s oldest miso store, Daigen-Miso. We sat down with the 7th generation president, Anzai Yoshiyuki. What is the story of this long-establised urban miso shop?