Rotating Sushi Time with Halal Soy Sauce Powder

Hello and Salam!I’m Iman, Salam Groovy Japan’s Malaysian staff. As it was such a nice weather out, I went out for lunch. It's the long-awaited SUSHI TIME!I had sushi at a conveyor belt sushi (kaiten sushi) restaurant.*Of course, following to the proper Covid-19 safety protocols. How does a Muslim eat out in Japan?As you know, Japan is a country with very few Muslims. Unless you live in places with many tourists attractions, finding a halal-friendly restaurant is challenging.When there's no halal restaurants available (as a Muslim), I would go for...

Muslim Review: Hiyayakko (Chilled Tofu) With HALAL Soy Sauce Powder

Hello and Salam!I'm Iman, Salam Groovy Japan's Malaysian staff. Following my review of sushi-sashimi, I tried Salam Groovy Japan's Muslim-friendly soy sauce powder with TOFU. By tofu, I'm referring to silken tofu–white, soft and silky ones–used in miso soups. In Malaysia, we don't usually eat tofu just as it is. But in Japan, there's a classic dish called "Hiyayakko (chilled tofu)" which is often eaten in restaurants and at home. The raw silken tofu is usually chilled in the fridge and topped with chopped spring onions or grated ginger, then...

Muslim Review: Eating with HALAL Powdered Soy Sauce

Hello.I’m Iman, Salam Groovy Japan's Malaysian staff.I had my favourite–sushi and sashimi–for lunch with Salam Groovy Japan’s Muslim Friendly Soy Sauce Powder, available at our online shop.Usually, you'll get complimentary soy sauce packets along with your order in Japan. But as a Muslim, it's difficult to use those since they may contain alcohol.Thankfully Salam Groovy Japan’s product is halal-certified. (more…)