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Work In Japan: What to Know On Specified Skilled Worker

I'm Kajikawa, an administrative scrivener and the representative director of the Kansai Association of Business Promotion for Muslim. From April 2019, a new residence status: Specified Skilled Worker, has been introduced.Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, many foreign nationals and companies are looking to apply for "Specified Skilled Worker". It have been increasing opportunities to hire foreign workers in sectors that were previously difficult to do so. Highly related to the hiring of foreign nationals—What is the "Specified Skilled Worker"?This article will give you a better idea of what it entails, so...

Muslim Workshop In Noshiro, Akita With Halal Food Tasting

As part of the Host Town Project, Noshiro in Akita held the "Let's Learn More About Jordan!~Muslim Workshop #2 with Focus on Food~".It was an online workshop to learn about Muslim food culture and more. Participants also had a chance to try a halal food set of maqluba and lentil soup. It's a great initiative to increase understanding of Muslim culture, including Halal food. 2月18日、能代市ホストタウン事業の一環として「ヨルダンをもっと知ろう!~食を中心としたムスリム講習会第2弾~」が能代松陽高校で行われました。 同校家庭クラブの部員や市民など約20人が参加。ハラール食に対応する株式会社八芳園(東京都)の料...能代市役所さんの投稿 2021年2月18日木曜日 Noshiro, Akita is located in the northeastern region of Japan, facing the Sea of Japan. It is a city surrounded by lush greenery and...

A New Exclusive Halal Food Truck at Kagawa University

Kagawa University and Kagawa University Co-op have collaborated in opening a HALAL FOOD only food truck.The university students and the university's coop have been working together to create menus for international students who are troubled and could only eat halal food.It is also to let Japanese people know more about halal food. We're sure there are many international students at other universities who can only eat halal food. Hopefully, similar initiatives will catch on! 【ハラル食限定のキッチンカーが明日プレオープンします!】 香川大学と香川大学生協のコラボにより、ハラル食限定のキッチンカーが3月9日(火)明日プレオープンします! ハラル食しか食べることのできない、困っている留学生のため、ま...香川大学さんの投稿 2021年3月7日日曜日