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Malaysia’s First DON DON DONKI, To more halal goods

The JONETZ by DON DONKI Lot10 store is due to open on 19 March 2021.It will offer more halal-certified products, including Japanese products and products of its private brand "Jonetsu Kakaku". To enable Muslims, who make up more than 60% of Malaysia's population, enjoy shopping comfortably, the shop offers a wide range of halal-certified products. This also include non-pork and non-alcohol products.Moreover, there will be varieties of Wagyu beef (processed in halal-certified facilities), such as thin slices of meat for Japanese-style barbecue. (more…)

Collecting Donation, A School for Young Muslims in Japan

Salam and hello!I'm Iman, a Malaysian staff of Groovy Japan. Japan Islamic Trust (JIT) is raising funds to purchase a school building for International Islamia School Otsuka (IISO) to support the young Muslim generation in Japan. As the Muslim community growing in Japan, many families hope their children could learn in an Islamic environment. Thus, JIT opened a primary school—International Islamic School Otsuka, in 2017.Within three years, they have gained about 100 students and expecting more. Currently, it's inconvenient because the primary school is in two different locations. To provide...

Muslim Review: Hiyayakko (Chilled Tofu) With HALAL Soy Sauce Powder

Hello and Salam!I'm Iman, Salam Groovy Japan's Malaysian staff. Following my review of sushi-sashimi, I tried Salam Groovy Japan's Muslim-friendly soy sauce powder with TOFU. By tofu, I'm referring to silken tofu–white, soft and silky ones–used in miso soups. In Malaysia, we don't usually eat tofu just as it is. But in Japan, there's a classic dish called "Hiyayakko (chilled tofu)" which is often eaten in restaurants and at home. The raw silken tofu is usually chilled in the fridge and topped with chopped spring onions or grated ginger, then...

Renewed our official website

Thank you for visiting the Groovy Japan website and social media.Based on our philosophy "becoming a bridge between Japanese companies and the Muslim market",We are pleased to announce the renewal of our official website. We will disseminate information on Japanese companies that are developing businesses for Muslims such as halal certified products, Japanese products that make full use of cutting-edge technology. We hope that it will be useful to those who are interested in Japanese business and those who wish to do business with Japanese companies. We will continue to...

Heading for the Islamic market, probiotic certified Halal

Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. acquired halal certification by the NPO Nippon Asia Halal Association (NAHA) for their seamless capsules containing probiotics, such as bifidobacterium, lactic acid bacteria. The seamless capsules, already used in their flagship product—Bifina, acquired halal certification intending to expand into the growing Islamic market.Hopefully, Muslims will soon be able to use Japan's health-related technologies with ease.*Bifina is a supplement to improve bowel movements. (more…)

Japan’s thrift shop has its first Malaysian franchise

Jalan Jalan Japan, a secondhand store by Book-Off's Malaysian subsidiary, opened its first franchise store in Penang, Malaysia.It features secondhand, preloved items from Japan. Jalan Jalan Japan (JJJ) operated by BOOK MARKETING SDN. BHD., the Malaysian subsidiary of the BOOK-OFF group. It has stores mainly in the metropolitan area since its first store opening in 2016.A new JJJ franchise will open on 24 February 2021 to live up to local expectations. (more…)

International Halal Conference 2019 Osaka: Gaining Amazing Feedbacks

The International Halal Conference is an international conference held every two years by one of the largest private Islamic universities in Malaysia and a forum to present Islamic academic research papers.For the first time, the conference, which has been held in Malaysia and Turkey, will be held in Japan. Thus, we provide administrative support as requested by the university. (more…)

Matching Malaysian Company with Japanese Safety Shoe Manufacturer

We were requested to find Japanese safety shoes for a Malaysian car manufacturer, then matched them with Japanese safety shoe manufacturers.Due to changes in safety standards and increased safety awareness in Malaysia, our client wanted to import higher quality Japanese products. ■Subject・Although the safety shoes currently used by the client meet safety standards, they are heavy and fragile, making them less efficient.・Unclear whether Japanese-made safety shoes are of quality that meets the client's safety standards. They would like to find a company that meets the standards and is willing to...

Tackling Malaysia’s health food towards sale

We assisted a Malaysian government body to investigate the products' ingredients as requested by a Japanese health food firm.In Malaysia, 60% of the country's consumers are Muslims. Muslims are only allowed to consume "halal" foods, which is permissible adhering to Islamic law. To sell to Muslims, sellers need to make sure the product is Halal.Determining and certifying Halal products in Malaysia is the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM), a Malaysian government body. Hence, we had the products analyzed by a laboratory designated by JAKIM.We also introduced them to an...

Be Comfortable! AkillFeel Halal Hotel Amenity Now On Sale

A halal-certified hotel amenity that is Muslim-friendly, AKILLFEEL is now available to travellers from all around the world. AkillFeel products are free from pig derivatives and alcohol to ensure they are safe for Muslims, who have to be careful with what they eat and what they use. Today, the number of incoming overseas travellers is unlikely to recover for some time following the Covid-19 outbreak. However, depending on the state of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, containment of the virus and vaccination, Muslims abroad could enjoy Japanese hotels more comfortably...