Halal-certified, healthy, tasty to the world, Japan’s top grain dealer

With over 70 years of history, TANESHO has been producing, processing and selling grains, rice, beans in Saga Prefecture; All its factories are halal-certified. Let's meet its President, Kazuma Morotomi, to find out the highlights of its products and what they are up to overseas. Our company started in 1946. It was a time when there were severe food shortages after the war. We used to sell grains, beans and eggs to cover the lack of staple food like white rice. At that time, grains were a substitute to satisfy...

Halal research as a nutritionist, KANRIE

The director of KANRIE Inc. appeared on many programs, from NHK news programs to informative programs like "Osamu Hayashi's IMADESYO KOUZA!"—Kasaoka. Let's hear about the company's founding and his research on Halal as a nutritionist. KANRIE To Improve the Stature of Nutritionists At KANRIE, we mainly cast dietitians for media appearances and supervision, oversee products for food manufacturers, develop menus for restaurants, coordinate events/lectures, and so on. Media exposure is a key to raising nutritionists profiles, so even I have actively appeared on TV programmes. Halal Research as A Nutritionist...

TAKEX takes on SEA halal market, Bamboo sanitizer & shelf-life extender

A company that researches, develops, manufactures and sells sanitisers, food additives and more made from bamboo—TAKEX. While the products contain ethanol (a type of alcohol), they are certified as Halal by JAKIM. The company has been developing 'halal sanitisers' and 'halal shelf-life extenders' of Japanese quality (a leading nation in hygiene) in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets. (more…)