Halal-certified free-range dairy products, Nakahora Dairy Farm

Nakahora Dairy Farm (located in Iwaizumi, Iwate) is among the very few natural grazing dairy farms in Japan. They have a range of dairy products from milk to yoghurt, ice cream, pudding and butter.In November 2013, the farm obtained Halal certification, making their products suitable for everyone, even Muslims. They renew the certificate every year since then. (more…)

Blend Japanese and Islamic cultures with fashion

Under the Maison des psyche brand by Cor-an Holdings, they bring the tsuki veil–designed after the Japanese kazuki*1 (headwear) and hijab worn by Muslim women–for people in Japan and worldwide. In this interview, Cor-an Holdings CEO Mamiko Inahata shares how they came up with a fashion item that women all over the world can wear, regardless of religion. (more…)