Conducted Halal & Islamic market workshop in our company

Salam Groovy Japan operator J-Line consists of different divisions and teams involved in recruitment support, web marketing, e-commerce, regional promotion, and overseas project.We conducted an in-company workshop for the members outside of the overseas project team to learn the basics of Halal and the Islamic market to be prepared for future collaboration. (more…)

Donation of crowdfunded food aid complete

To support Muslims in Japan struggling in the Covid-19 pandemic, we conducted a crowdfunding project on LaunchGood from October to November 2021.We collected USD2,383 (about JPY280,000), and many thanks again to all those who supported it. THANK YOU. With your generous donations, we have donated Halal food and feminine hygiene items to a total of 462 Muslim students and mosque-goers through these organisations.・Tokyo University of Foreign Studies・University of Electro-Communications・Kobe University・University of Tsukuba・Akita University・Beppu Muslim AssociationThank you to all the universities and mosques for cooperating in the distribution. Here are some...