Masjid Istiqlal Osaka opens in Osaka by Indonesian Muslim

This is a conceptual image of the completed building Osaka has a new masjid [mosque], Masjid Istiqlal Osaka (MIO), opened on 12 January 2022. This masjid was made possible through a donation drive led by Herizal Adhardi, an Indonesian entrepreneur, which we have also introduced before. Check out our interview with Mr Herizal about MIO's future plans and the first look inside this new mosque. Mr Herizal, MIO Chairman Mr Herizal bought a building originally owned by a Japanese company and renovated it into a mosque. About two years ago, he...

Certified halal, leading global flavour & fragrance expert/SHIONO KORYO

Fragrances and flavours are indispensable in food, beverages and cosmetics. With various locations abroad and over 50 different types of high-quality halal-certified flavours, SHIONO KORYO is a reputable fragrance expert with more than 200 years of experience.Discover the company's comprehensive approach to catering to Japanese and international manufacturers. (more…)

Malaysian-Japanese join hands to give Japan the best of Malaysia/Figurative Japan

Coping with business network dynamic networking, Figurative Japan constantly provides corporate support and splendid promotional program that focuses on cross-cultural differences which contribute to the real conceptualization of the international business environment. Let’s listen to the entrepreneurial journey of Dr Amiruddin, the Managing Director of Figurative Japan Co., Ltd. (more…)